April 22nd Thru June 2, 2014

42 Day HeartFire Gateways - 2014 Earth Day Unity Wave

If this is the first time you have joined us – Well-Come!

If you have journeyed with us before, THANK YOU for adding your Light and wisdom as we collectively Open our HeartFire Gateways and Illuminate the Earth with LOVE!

  • Are you ready to OPEN the Gateway of the Heart?
  • Are you feeling the call to rise and SHINE your Light into the World?
  • Are you willing to take action to make your Dreams a Reality?
  • Do you KNOW it’s time to GO, and feel the urge to get growing?
  • Are you ready to follow your Bliss, and let the Light of Love Illuminate the Way?

Just Imagine . . .
With a simple choice to say ‘YES!’ to any of these questions, you just opened a portal, a Gateway of Infinite potential and fiery possibility . . . that exists within YOU.

Are you ready to Enter this HeartFire Gateway, bask in the Light of Love, receive daily vision and wisdom, then ACT on this Inner Knowing? Are you ready to RISE AND SHINE, letting your inner Light Illuminate the Way?

Then NOW is the time to begin!

Join us for a 42 Day journey as we activate our HeartFire Gateways and Illuminate the World with Love and Gratitude … together, as One Heart United!

Designed as friendly reminders to stoke your HeartFire, these daily “heart sparks” will arrive in your inbox with:

  • Inspiring Artwork
  • Heart Wisdom “Snacks” and
  • Self-Reflective Questions

For best results, simply open your heart, receive its guidance, record your insight, act on your promptings and . . .

Watch what happens!

Feel free to use and share the above animation as a meditative tool for opening the Gateway of your HeartFire.

Inhale Love. . . Exhale Gratitude. . .

Who knows? As we each reach out and share this journey with others of like-heart, perhaps we will reach a global “tipping point” sooner than later.
The Gifts of Your HeartFire:

  • Enlivens Your Spirit
  • Illuminates Your Mind
  • Reveals Your Path
  • Stimulates Your Creativity
  • Empowers Your Actions
  • Inspires Your Purpose
  • Infuses Your Life with Love

As we achieve this together, the world transforms.

Let’s see what happens as we collectively connect with the Light of Love that lives in our Hearts for the next 42 days.

So what is the HeartFire Gateway?

The sacred space, at the center of our Hearts, where the Light of Love lives.

Your Sacred HeartFire is the gateway to Oneness, Whole-ness, and Life Mastery. It is your connection to All that is, to the Present, to Love. It is the pathway to Illumination. Each HeartFire Gateway that opens raises the vibration for All, rapidly transmuting dense energies and lighting the Way forward. The HeartFire is the Gateway home to Love.

What are the “Heart Sparks” messages?

Each of the 42 daily “Heart Sparks” messages serve as a friendly reminder to give ourselves a moment to connect with the Heart Fire within, be centered in Self, at One with Love, and experience the many gifts the HeartFire has in store for us.

As so, the Daily HeartSparks are simple and succinct:

  • A High-Vibe, Inspiring Image . . .
  • Partnered with a Simple Insight/Quote (we like to call these Wisdom Snacks!)
  • And a Self-Reflection Question, designed to illuminate Inner Knowing … and guide us along The Way.

Daily, for 42 Days, as you receive the Heart Spark messages, we invite you to enter the HeartFire Gateway within YOU by using this simple, yet powerful, formula for Life Mastery:

  • Inhale Love . . . Exhale Gratitude
  • Enter Center – In Silence – Through the Gateway of Your HeartFire
  • Access Inner Knowing
  • Receive Vision and Guidance for the Day
  • Act on promptings
  • Record and Share the Journey

We are certain this daily choice will make a profound difference in your life, and the lives of others around you, too.

Just imagine: As we enter the HeartFire Gateway, bask in the Light of Love, and go forward acting on Inner Knowing . . . the Way is Illuminated, and our lives becomes lighter, brighter and more Love filled. One Breath, One Heart, One Day at a time.

This is a simple formula for conscious creation. This is Empowered Living. This is how we BE the change we wish to see in the world.

Here are just a few life results (of the multitudes!) that flow from the open Gateway of the HeartFire:

  • Clarity of Purpose
  • Bridging Heart and Mind
  • Empowered and Inspired Action
  • Sparking of Creativity and Passion
  • Peace-Ability
  • Deeper Connection to our Authentic Truth and Power
  • Enhanced Relationships – in every area of Life
  • Illumination of our Life Path
  • Ability to be Grateful for ALL that comes our way
  • Unity Consciousness, Connection to All that IS.
  • Honoring our Natural gifts and talents
  • Life-Affirming Choices
  • Present to the Beauty and Power of NOW

Why is this a 42 Day journey?

It takes 21 days to create a habit. We double this to 42 and devote ourselves to Mastering the art of conscious co-creation, living and loving from the Heart, and making life-affirming choices through acting on our inner knowing.

Remember, we are all impacting and changing the world — every day, in some way — whether we know it or not. Each choice we make, each action we take makes a profound difference, because we all are inter-connected.

Each of us is a ‘peace’ of the Whole. By choosing to Be Love and Go Gratitude, we embody our Highest expression and are in service to ALL.

As you resonate with this vision, we thank you in advance for helping us ignite a global HeartFire by sharing this life-affirming program widely! Pass it along to your friends, family, and community networks.

As multitudes choose to open their HeartFire Gateways, too, flooding this plane of creation with Love’s Light . . . our individual gateways merge to co-create a Unified Field of Love, facilitating a global shift in consciousness and the realization of Love, Peace, Joy and Abundance for All.

We return home to Love.

The Gateway is open … Let’s flow through it together!

Joining you in the Light of Love that lives in the Heart,

Stacey Robyn
Ken Herbert

HeartFire Gateways is a Community Supported Endeavor.

We’re offering this program on the basis of Appreciation. We believe so deeply in the benefits of this gathering, we want everyone to be able to participate, regardless of current financial circumstances.

So, what does that mean?

You choose Your Own Price. $0, $5, $10, $42, $42 Billion. . . a miracle or two, inspired ideas, connections, win-win possibilities, world peace . . . just to name a few. ;-)

That’s right, it’s up to YOU!

We trust in providence, and whole-heartedly believe in the Law of Gratitude – that what you put out returns to you . . . and even greater. As so, HeartFire Gateways is a community-supported endeavor, catalyzing a collective shift from an obligation economy to an Appreciation Economy.

What we appreciate, APPRECIATES.

Let’s ignite our HeartFires together!

Remember – each person makes a world of difference … and that person is YOU.