HeartFire Meditation

Join us November 20, 2012 thru December 31, 2012
For the 42 Day HeartFire Gateways 2012 Celebration Wave

Completing a Grande Cycle, Opening the HeartFire Gateway
And Illuminating the World with Love and Gratitude!

Beginning Nov. 20th, we are counting UP to the end of 2012, and making our way TOGETHER through the:
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  • November 28th Full Moon lunar eclipse
  • 12-12-12 Gateway of Seeding New Reality
  • 12-21-12 Culmination of the 5125 year Great Mayan long-count cycle and
  • Closing out 2012 as One HEART!
[/black_arrow_list]If this is the first time you have joined us – Well-Come!

If you have journeyed with us before, THANK YOU for adding your Light and wisdom as we collectively Close this Grande Cycle, Open our HeartFire Gateways and Illuminate the World with LOVE!

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  • Are you ready to OPEN the Gateway of the Heart?
  • Are you feeling the call to rise and SHINE your Light into the World?
  • Are you willing to take action to make your Dreams a Reality?
  • Do you KNOW it’s time to GO, and feel the urge to get growing?
  • Are you ready to follow your Bliss, and let the Light of Love Illuminate the Way?
[/red_tick_list]Just Imagine . . .
With a simple choice to say ‘YES!’ to any of these questions, you just opened a portal, a Gateway of Infinite potential and fiery possibility . . . that exists within YOU.

Are you ready to Enter this HeartFire Gateway, bask in the Light of Love, receive daily vision and wisdom, then ACT on this Inner Knowing? Are you ready to RISE AND SHINE, letting your inner Light Illuminate the Way?

Then NOW is the time to begin!

Join us for a 42 Day journey as we complete this Grande cycle, Open our HeartFire Gateways and Illuminate the World with Love!

Designed as friendly reminders to stoke your HeartFire, these daily “heart sparks” will arrive in your inbox with:[line_break]blank[/line_break]

  • Inspiring Artwork
  • Heart Wisdom “Snacks” and
  • Self-Reflective Questions

For best results, simply open your heart, receive its guidance, record your insight, act on your promptings and . . . [line_break]blank[/line_break][line_break]blank[/line_break]Watch what happens!